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 Are you puzzled at how best to promote your business, increase your customer base, build traffic at a trade show or reward your employees? The Advertising Specialist, L.C. can provide the missing piece of the promotional puzzle!

Numerous studies have shown that promotional products are the most effective method of advertising and have the highest return on your investment. Promotional products range from inexpensive items like ink pens, key chains and magnets to higher end executive gifts for clients or employees.

The Advertising Specialist, L.C. can work within your budget to provide creative solutions for your particular promotional needs. Are you looking for ideas? Promotional opportunities include items for direct mail, trade show giveaways, golf tournaments and company outings, fundraising or Grand Opening events, safety programs and employee recognition and awards. For companies with business casual attire, there is an array of corporate apparel available from collared shirts to fleece wear .

The Advertising Specialist, L.C. has been serving the community for many years. Visit our website at Through advanced technology and strong customer relationship, we are able to provide unparalleled service and quality imprinted products that will help you enhance your image and increase your business.

Marketing Services

Isn't that the same as sales?  Or maybe it's the same as advertising? Think of marketing as the background work...the roll-up the sleeves and get your hands dirty work...the research that goes into determining just who would want your products and to reach them most effectively. It works in conjunction with your brand to determine strategy.

In some cases, determining who would want your service is easy.  If your business offers, say marine repair, you are looking for someone with a broken boat.  But what sort of boat, sail or power? Inboard of outboard motors? Gas or diesel?  How far will you travel to fix that boat?  

Bringing brand into the picture, how do you want your customer with the broken boat to feel about his experience?  Does he want a "technician" to arrive at his marina wearing a white jumpsuit ?  Or does he want the proverbial "shade-tree mechanic".  So, how will you find this customer with the broken boat? Aimlessly wandering marinas might make for an enjoyable day on the waterside, but it is a ridiculous gamble as far as business development opportunities.

All said and done, The Advertising Specialist, L.C. can work through these issues with you to design and implement a strategy that works.  From brochures to web-site design to direct mail pieces, we bring the public image pieces of your business together seamlessly, imparting an "experience" for the customer, even before the product or service is delivered.

Public Relations

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Anything worth doing well is worth talking about. When we were kids, we would tell anyone who listened about what we had just been doing...especially if it involved a bodily function.  Somehow, sometime, as we grew older, we began to feel, most of us, anyhow, that what we were doing was of little importance to the general populace.  

The small business owner should never feel as if their work is inconsequential.  Trends, in fact, indicate that small businesses, as a percentage of the economy, have grown substantially and continue to outpace corporate employment growth. Maybe you haven't discovered the cure for the latest pending epidemic. But chances are, what your are doing is of interest to those in your community or industry.

Don't miss out on one of the single-greatest means of growth, good, old-fashioned free publicity, by assuming that you don't have a story that someone, somewhere, would want to hear. We have experience writing the pitches.  Have something to offer a group? We can get you and your company exposure by creating "Subject Matter Expert" pitches.

Are you the first in your community to offer a service or product?  Found a new way of improving mousetrap manufacturing?  Offering proceeds from your sales to a charity? New product launch that will revolutionize the cheese industry?  Tell someone...better yet let us tell them.



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